Self Test

Transport mode choice

The choice of transport mode (modal split) made by the sportsmen/sportswomen and/or sports club members for their regular journeys reflects the percentage of trips made using an environmentally friendly transport option.  

To travel to and from the sports facility, sportsmen/sportswomen use

Ecomobility is the term used for a group of environmentally friendly transport options: non-motorised transport (pedestrians and public or private bicycles), public transport (railway, bus and taxi) as well as car sharing and carpool agencies. The object of ecomobility is to enable road users to travel using any of the means of transport subsumed under ecomobility and be less dependent on their cars.

Exemptions are acceptable in the event of extreme weather or when carrying unusually heavy loads (exceptionally bulky sporting equipment and school bags, for example), etc. Use of ecomobility is subject to the availability of a reasonable range of public transport options and/or professional or privately organised collection systems and/or carpools (minimum vehicle occupancy: three persons on average).

A reasonable range of public transport options includes waiting times of no more than 15 minutes, a catchment area that services at least 50% of the sportsmen/sportswomen, additional distances: one kilometre on foot in total.

When it comes to using bicycles and scooters, please be aware of the relevant provisions in the Austrian Road Traffic Regulations (StVO)!

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