Sport and the global UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

Sport has enormous potential for many of the SDGs – it speaks a universal language and can promote peace and tolerance, equality or healthy lifestyles, to name just a few of the many possibilities.

Transport / Energy

Not only is sustainable mobility mindful of the environment and climate, in many cases a more informed transport organisation also offers financial benefits.

Waste / Environment

Nearly every sports club produces waste of different types. Preventing waste is a task that should be part of a club’s everyday running.

Procurement / Business

Procurement is the sustainable purchase of goods required,
with a focus on the most durable and repairable goods.

Social Matters / Health

Every sports club has a responsibility to ensure mutual respect in its own community and cordial relations with its environs.


Fotos © Umweltbundesamt
Bus, Coin, Park: B. Groeger
Climbers: G. Banko