Promoting a sense of social cohesion

The socio-educational purpose of a sports club is borne out by how the sports club defines itself and/or by the priorities it sets. Every sports club has a special responsibility to ensure mutual respect, both in its own community and vis-à-vis its environs.

For sports clubs, the following goals are relevant to achieve sustainability:

  • Fostering the trust of the individual in society through the club’s activities and to consolidate social structures
  • Mutual respect in the sports club encourages a sense of community in the club. At the same time, the club should open up to the outside world so as to ensure its social integration in society in all its breadth and diversity.
  • This make offerings for various segments of the population, including women, people with a migration background, people with disabilities, refugees, children from families at risk of poverty, people of different denominations, people with different sexual orientations, etc. so important.
  • Accepting global responsibility signals an openness that transcends all distances and borders, allowing the establishment of global partnerships and especially the implementation of fair procurement practices for e.g. sports clothes, sporting equipment and foodstuffs.